Sometimes it's hard to know where to start to when getting into new topics in science. We recommend the following media to feed the knowledge-hungry beast within.


We recommend these podcasts. There are MANY more, but these are a starting point. Search for them on the podcast app of your choice!


Colleagues have book recommendations on their websites we figure there's no need to reinvent the wheel*, so see the links below for high class recommendations! *by wheel we mean, lab page with list of great science books.

Books recommended by the J Lab, Canberra, Australia

Headed up by Mike Jennions at ANU, The J Lab website has an awesome list of THE books to read. Visit Mike's lab page:

Books recommended by the Kokkonuts, Zurich, Switzerland

Lead by Hanna Kokko at the University of Zurich, the Kokkonuts website has a great list of books in a genre that Hanna invented, Topicology. Check them out here:


The one and only Gary Larson <- this is a google images search because Larson worked pre-internets!


PhD Comics:

Bird & Moon:

Liz Climo:

An awesome list from Beatrice the Biologist:


coming soon...!