If you'd like to be involved, here's what we need!

You know how David Attenborough documentaries are the coolest ever because they showcase weird and wonderful stories from the natural world? Well we want to tell the stories about nature that no one knows! Despite the obvious benefits of understanding how the universe works, engaging with nature, and enhancing public appreciation for the environment that's keeping us all alive, it can be very difficult to generate funding for this work. So if you'd like to help us, here's what we really need.

In-kind support:

  • Film crews and/or people who know how to hold a camera to follow us into the wild on our field trips. We go to spectacular places, why not come along for a field trip and make our field work your latest project?

  • Podcasters - we love to talk about our research, endlessly. We are therefore all perfect for podcasting, please interview us!

  • Places to stay on our field trips that are free or don't cost there earth, especially if you have accommodation near mountains or whereever mountain katydids abound!

  • Camping and outdoors gear - why not sponsor us and pay less tax? We will acknowledge you everywhere.


  • Donations (just give us your cash). This can be complicated because universities - best get in contact with Kate - k.umbers@westernsydney.edu.au