Funding Opportunities

We are always keen to chat about ways we can support great ideas and do more science! This page is designed to make it easy, well, as easy as possible, to find some of the funding opportunities for salaries and/or research to come and work with us! There are many more than these, this is just a start. An even more excellent resource is the Keogh Lab website. To find out about the current projects on offer, visit the Projects Available page or just drop Kate a line.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Australian Research Council - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
The DECRA is a national postdoc scheme and is awarded each year to researchers less than five years out of their PhD. It is highly prestigious and includes salary plus research funding for three years.

Science Industry Endowment Fund - John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships

Human Frontier Science Program
Long-Term Fellowships (LTF) are for applicants with a Ph.D. in a biological discipline, who will broaden their expertise by proposing a project in the life sciences which is significantly different from their previous Ph.D. or postdoctoral work.
Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships (CDF) are for applicants with a Ph.D. from outside the life sciences (e.g. in physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering or computer sciences), who have had limited exposure to biology during their previous training.

Australian Biological Resources Study Postdoctoral Fellowships
The Research Grants stream provides support to Postdoctoral Fellows and established career researchers to undertake research relevant to the taxonomy and systematics of the Australian biota.

Branco Weiss Fellowships
This research fellowship is designed to support postdoctoral researchers after their PhD and before their first faculty appointment. Those in current postdoctoral positions are also eligible. Ideally, fellows pursue unconventional projects in new areas of science, engineering and social sciences.

Endeavor Awards
Australian Government, Department of Education and Training: For researchers from almost any country to visit Australia for 4-6 months to carry out a research project or gain professional development.

Humbolt Foundation - Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship
Sponsorship for research stays worldwide by researchers from Germany of all disciplines and at all career stages. 

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships
Fellowships to support secondments for EU researchers to spend some time visiting other countries... like Australia!!

Find a Postdoc

Australian Academy of Sciences
Some student and some postdoc funding

PhD & Masters Scholarships

PhD & Masters Scholarships Western Sydney in the School of Science & Health and the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
Western Sydney University, Hawkesbury supports a range of research scholarships for Masters and PhDs including the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) for domestic students and International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) for international students. In addition, WSU offers the Western Sydney Postgraduate Research Award (UWSPRA) with $7000 per year research funding. WSU offers a $10 000 stipend top-up scheme for their highest ranked students as well as generous project funding. Applications are usually due towards the ends of June and October each year.
Masters & PhD Research and Scholarships in the School of Science & Health at Western Sydney University
Masters & PhD Research and Scholarships in the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Western Sydney University:

ABRS Postgraduate top-ups Australian Biological Resources Study
$10 000 for honours, masters and APA students.
$5000 awards are also available for non-salaried researchers

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship (non-Australian applicants only)
The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship provides financial support for international applicants to undertake a postgraduate qualification at a Masters or PhD level either by coursework or research in any field in Australia for up to four years.

Elite Editing Thesis Writing Scholarships for writing up your thesis

Find a PHD & Find a Masters

Australian Academy of Sciences
Some student and some postdoc funding

Research Project Funding - Small Grants (</~ $20 000, some student only)

Australian Wildlife Society:

Joyce Vickery Fund, NSW Linnean Society:

Ethel Mary Read Grant, NSW Royal Zoological Society:

Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour:

Australian Society for Herpetologists:

Australian Ecological Society:

Australian Geographic Society:

Rural Industries honeybee research grants:

Margaret Middleton Fund, Australian Academy of Science:

Sigma XI Grants in Aid of Research:

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Paddy Pallin Foundation Science Grants:

Writing grants or collaborations between writers and scientistis:

Max Day Environmental Science Fellowship Award:

Research Project Funding - Large Grants (>>$5000)

Australian Research Council - Discovery Projects:

Australian Research Council - Linkage Projects:

Saving our Species partnerships grants program:

Ian Potter Foundation:

Australian Biological Resources Study:

Mohammed Bin Sayed Conservation Grants:

Human Frontier Science Program Grants:

Short Term Research Project Funding opportunities for students that include salary

Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment Summer Scholarships: $3000 tax-free stipend for a WSU undergraduate students to take part in a research project over the summer break.

WSU Undergraduate Student Research Project: Undergraduate students at WSU can apply for a $3500 scholarship to undertake a small research project on offer from the University.

Endeavor Awards - Australian Government, Department of Education and Training: For researchers from almost any country to visit Australia for 4-6 months to carry out a research project or gain professional development.

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Research Grants: For pilot / small studies on Animal Behaviour for members of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour:

East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes - National Science Foundation (US) & Australian Academy of Sciences: For US postgraduate students to spend 8 weeks of the northern hemisphere summer in one of several countries in Australia, New Zealand and East Asia.

Scholarships for Students from USA to visit Australia:

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for British or Australian Citizens to travel anywhere:,

Lab visit funding

International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - $4000 support for 'young' (<35 years) and mid-career biochemists and molecular biologists towards travel for lab visits.

Godfrey Hewitt Mobility Award too visit a lab anywhere! Come and visit!:

Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship - $10 000 support for travel and accomodation, offered every two years by the Australian Academy of Sciences.

France & Europe EMCR Mobility Grants - $5 000 travel and accommodation for Australian AMCR to visit “France or Europe” (?? :P) for 14-28 days

Conference travel funding (come for the conference, stay for more science!)

Travel to the Australian Society for Herpetologists conference:

Travel to the Australian Ecological Society's Conference:

Australian Biological Resources Study student travel grants:

Capstone Editing travel grants for academic women:

Franklin Women Carer’s Travel scholarship: