How to join the lab

Nestor notabilis  (Kea) at Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand. These great alpine parrots are endangered, please never feed them!! 

Nestor notabilis (Kea) at Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand. These great alpine parrots are endangered, please never feed them!! 

If you are hard working, enthusiastic, nice, and up for creative problem solving then we hope you will consider joining us for a research project! If you would like to apply to our lab as a prospective masters or PhD student please first check out the administrative details here. This will give you details on the requirements for entry to the various programs, when applications are due and so on. If you meet the requirements, contact Kate with a description of a project you'd like to do and a 1 page CV that highlights your relevant experience to your proposed project. You can also contact Kate if you're not sure what you're interested in and you'd just like to chat about ideas, we have several potential projects available that would be fun, challenging and rewarding, listed here. Please note that you will need to win a scholarship to conduct a PhD in our lab. 

For advice on whether to even consider the idea of a research career in the first place checkout Sonkë Johnsen's Advice for Potential Graduate Students. For advice on being a good student, writing your thesis, giving talks, getting jobs, writing grants, writing fellowships and job proposals, and all things academia, you can't go past Scott Keogh's Resources and Advice for Students. As Scott says, it's a tough game.


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To get a scholarship for a PhD at Western you can either apply or project that you create with your prospective supervisor in the 'main round', or for a specific project for which a scholarship already exists, which are advertised under 'project scholarships'. There are pros and cons to each approach and you should, as always, talk with your potential supervisors before committing to a project. A good supervisor-student relationship is the key to your future success. Please note that prospective PhD students must secure a scholarship to undertake a PhD in our lab.


Choosing to pursue a research career is exciting because you never know where it might take you. And, as with anything in life, unforeseen challenges can arise. At these times it is important to seek help. We all know that the playing field is grossly uneven, so it's very clever to use all the help you can get, after all, that's why these services exist.