Volunteers Welcome

We welcome volunteers that would like to gain some experience in research by helping out on projects we are running. Here we post information about those projects and who to contact to get involved. 

We hope to provide our volunteers:

  • Experience in how science gets done, be it study design, data collection, data analysis and/or writing articles.

  • A fun working environment

  • Opportunities to network with other people interested in science

  • The chance to develop fieldwork and/or lab work skills depending on the project

We expect that our volunteers:

  • Have a cheerful, friendly disposition

  • Are committed and reliable

  • Are communicative

  • Attend our regular lab meetings

  • Have up to date first aid training (not essential)

  • Have a valid driver's license & own car (not essential)

  • Basic to advanced level of physical fitness (depending on the work)

  • Are willing to undergo training for some tasks

  • Are willing to fill out paperwork

Volunteer work with mountain katydids

Lucky you! You have found the mountain katydid call for volunteers! We currently have a variety of opportunities to help out on mountain katydid projects, some lab based, some field based. We have videos and videos of data to analyse and papers to write up, mountain katydids to be collected for conservation genomics studies and mechanical RoboDIDs to build. Pack your suitcase and join us on this voyage into the unknown world of deimatism.

I always need volunteers with the following skills:

  • photography

  • graphic design

  • animation

  • robotics

  • electronic

  • visual arts

  • patience

For more info on getting involved in mountain katydid research, contact Kate Umbers: k.umbers@westernsydney.edu.au

Volunteer field work with RoboBluey the blue-tongue lizard robot

We are looking for people to help with running experiments that aim to test whether the blue tongue lizard's defensive display helps protect them from predators. The robot is currently being finalised. This project is a collaboration with Martin Whiting, leader of the Lizard Lab at Macquarie University. Field work will involve visiting bushland around Sydney. Having first aid training, your drivers licence and your own car will make it easier for you to be involved than if you don't, but these things are not compulsory requirements. To volunteer on this project you will have to be officially named on the ethics documentation and permits. 

For more information on how to volunteer on this project get in contact with:
Kate Umbers: k.umbers@westernsydney.edu.au or Martin Whiting: martin.whiting@mq.edu.au